Sunday, February 17, 2013

In my next entry I was going to get to other things, but I saw this and had to add it. It was embedded in a fifth grade teachers blog that made the argument that we need to BLOCK EVERYTHING (his emphasis).

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  1. Wow! Highly disagree that we need to block everything. I think our faculty has done a great job at integrating technology into the classroom, as we now have Smart boards, clickers, and MOBIs. Many of us already use blogs or other sites for communication, grades and learning. I like using a blog for homework assignments because my students can have the app right on their phone, which makes it more convenient to get their assignments done. It also makes them watch what they say (their tone) and how they write (or spell) because other students are able to view their responses. Not to mention it kills fewer trees since there is no paper involved. :) Social media isn’t going away and has actually helped create positive changes in other countries. It’s something we need embrace if we are to keep up with the times. But that’s just my two cents…