Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brien McMahon takes a ride on Sliderocket,com

Some of you need an alternative to Power Point. My answer to you is Sliderocket.com. This site is another in a good line of sites that can replace software that some of our students do not have or are hard pressed to get access to.  The criteria is to find sites that are free,  cross platforms and cloud based. Sliderocket works for presentations. I honestly have not tried the presentation software on Google Drive, but I do like the simplicity and color schemes of this site. One of the down sides is that the presentation cannot be down loaded unless you get the upgrade, which is not so free. Below is the link to a presentation I made from a pamphlet on Senator Brien McMahon.


<iframe src="http://app.sliderocket.com:80/app/fullplayer.aspx?id=AD9FA330-31F4-4290-433A-BA92D9F09878" width="500" height="401" scrolling=no frameBorder="0"></iframe>

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