Saturday, March 9, 2013

Texting- Teacher to Student

In the new rash of software I have discovered and been playing around with, one seems to reach out more than the others for discussion. This is This site allows the teacher to text all the students in a class. The teacher cannot see the student's numbers , nor they the teacher's. This can be used in a a few different forms. You could make an announcement to an after school group,  reassign a homework, or reminding about a test. An interesting feature is that the site also has a widget for your web site (this can keep a record of communications, though why use it if the student's are on your web site already?)

With the snow day communication like Remind 101 can certainly come in handy. If my project is still due on Monday a little reminder might go a long way. When my Model United Nations group needs to communicate I can have my President quickly call off a meeting.
I would love people's feedback about how this would work for them. Enjoy!

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