Monday, September 30, 2013

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013

This is a surveyed list. I will try to talk about some of it

Some up coming posts

I hope to talk about the following sites in the future. If any of you have a question ahead of time please nudge me. (some of you use this, I'm curious)

Some of these I have already used while others have been updated or just beginning to understand their uses. Updates soon!

New Year and 50 ideas for your class web page-

I wanted to start the new school year in a number of ways on this blog. Funny how time has flown, assignments need to be graded and other wonderful life moments need to be taken care of. So here I am. I am starting with just a quick hit that I came across this morning. The article is from Tech and learning magazine with 50 Ideas For Your Class Webpage.

Maybe you would suggest something on the list in the comments section?